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Smear Clinic

Smear Clinic 

The Smear clinic is run by the Practice Nurses for Women registered with our GP who have received a letter inviting them to make an appointment, along with further information about cervical screening. The clinic is run at our main site Eryl Surgery, Thursday  afternoons 2.00pm-3.40pm and Friday afternoons 5.00pm-6.00pm. 

All appointments will be with one of our Practice Nurses:

Mrs Heather Osborne Practice Sister RN CM DN Nurse Prescriber

Mrs Juliette Bennett Practice Sister RN

Mrs Bridie Jones Practice Nurse RN

Who is invited?

Women aged 25-49 are invited every three years

Women aged 50-64 are invited every five years

Please do not attend before your smear is due as you will not be able to have your test done early. It is now possible to do your smear test at any time during the monthly cycle apart from when you are having your period.

Smear tests are a very important screening tool and you should make every effort to arrange an appointment to have yours done as close to your review date as possible.

Educate yourself 

You can find out more from:

Cervical Screening Wales

What to expect to happen during cervical screening:

Jo’s Trust- What is Cervical Cancer and why Cervical screening is so important for Women: 

If you’re worried about cervical screening or the symptoms of cervical cancer, then this YouTube channel from a national charity gives you more information.

Remember that the smear test is a screening tool that is designed to pick up early changes that may need further action. However, if you’re getting symptoms of cervical cancer, you should always make an appointment to see one of our Doctors, even if you’ve had a negative smear test.




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