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Mental Well-being While Staying At Home


Primary Care Mental Health Liaison Service

The Primary Care Mental Health Liaison service based within your GP practice is still working and ready to help and support you if you have any mental health concerns ( anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc). We know that getting through on the phone can sometimes be difficult at this time so you can now request an appointment via e mail for a call back from one of our mental health practitioners. 

Please email Cavmentalhealth.gpadvice@wales.nhs.uk  to request an appointment.

You will be asked for :-

  • Your full name, home address and date of birth
  • Preferred telephone number for the staff member  to call you on
  • The name of your GP surgery
  • A brief account of the nature of your concern (e.g. anxiety 

We need this information to make sure that we can link in properly with your GP. This is a secure email address and any case notes will be entered into your usual GP case notes. Your email address will not be stored or used for any other purpose.

Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important while staying at home because of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  All the while, here are some links to help you stay mentally well during this time: 

NHS: Every Mind Matters

Government Advice: Mental Health & Well-being 

It is important to note if you are suffering with your mental health we are still offering our services and you shouldn’t hesitate in contacting the surgery; if you feel you need further support.  

Everyone has Mental Health 

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and whether you’re stressed or depressed, help is available. The NHS provides information and help on a wide range of mental health services, specifically in Wales we are working towards  improving the lives of people using mental health services, their carers and their families. The strategy is called ‘Together for Mental Health’.  

“Mental illnesses, unlike broken bones, are invisible to everyone but those experiencing them. But their reality is no different and no less painful. Many will suffer in silence, unaware that helpful treatments are available.” 

A quarter of us will experience mental health problems or illness at some point, having an enormous effect on those around us. Worse still, sufferers often face discrimination and stigma. 

Please visit these helpful websites that can signpost you and help you start taking the steps to improve your Mental Health. 

Mental Health in Wales 


Mental Health Practitioner Appointments


Mental Health Practitioner, Rachel Guyatt

Tuesday AM Chapel Surgery, St Athan  PM Eryl Surgery, Llantwit Major (alternative weeks)
Friday AM Eryl Surgery, Llantwit Major PM Eryl Surgery, Llantwit Major

Mental health practitioners are professionals who provide therapy and mental health care. We are happy to announce we now have a Mental Health Practitioner apart of our clinical team at the Practice, working Tuesdays and Fridays at Eryl Surgery, Llantwit Major and our branch Chapel Surgery, St Athan as per timetable above. Our Mental Health Practitioner will be able to deal with any mental health concerns and where appropriate signpost patients to specialist services. 

Do not hesitate to ask our Receptionists for more information.


Furthermore, there are Services that the GP can refer you to; to be seen at the surgery by Mental Health professionals such as Counselling. 

Primary Care

Counselling Service (PCCS)

What is counselling? 

Counselling is a talking therapy. It is a skilled way of helping people with a range of different emotional problems. 

Primary Care Counselling is a free service provided by the NHS in all GP Practices. The Primary Care Counselling Service is for people with mild to moderate difficulties.

Primary Mental Health

Support Service (PMHSS)

The Primary Mental Health Support Service (PMHSS) is a related service for people of all ages living with mental health difficulties. The service is recovery focused. This means that each person will be supported to identify goals that are important to them, and to work towards these goals at their own pace.
The service covers all areas of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. It is provided by the NHS and is free of charge.

If you feel you would benefit from any of these services please make an appointment to discuss this with a Doctor who can refer you. 

Further information: 

Primary Care Counselling Service PCCS

Primary Mental Health Service PMHSS

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