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Please only use this form if you are an Asthmatic and have been asked to do so


Please click the link below and take the Asthma Control Test:

It is important you answer as truthfully as possible so we can provide you with the correct advice and treatment.


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What does your score mean?

Score: less than 20 (off target) Your asthma may NOT HAVE BEEN CONTROLLED during the past 4 weeks. Your doctor or nurse can recommend an asthma action plan to help improve your asthma control.

Score: 20-24 (on target) Your asthma appears to have been REASONABLY WELL CONTROLLED during the past 4 weeks. However, if you are experiencing symptoms your doctor or nurse may be able to help you.

Score: 25 (well done) Your asthma appears to have been UNDER CONTROL over the past 4 weeks. However, if you are experiencing any problems with your asthma, you should discuss with your doctor or nurse.

If yes, please provide best of 3 readings on the day of your virtual review

FAQs: Treatments, Causes & Triggers, Complications, How long does it last? Self-management. For Coronavirus advice please visit: https://www.asthma.org.uk/coronavirus/

Using Prednisolone more than three times in the last 12 months may suggest you need referral to secondary care
If no, this could be why your asthma is poorly controlled


It is important you answer as truthfully as possible so we can provide you with the correct advice and treatment.

If no, it is worth noting that people who regularly exercise have a lower rate for ventolin use


e.g. atenolol (also called Tenormin), bisoprolol (also called Cardicor or Emcor), metoprolol (also called Betaloc or Lopresor), propranolol (also called Inderal or Angilol))
e.g. ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, celecoxib, mefenamic acid, etoricoxib, indomethacin, high-dose aspirin
e.g. rhinitis, reflux, sinus


It is important you answer as truthfully as possible so we can provide you with the correct advice and treatment.

Personal Action Plan

Your personal action plan will be emailed to you, after your virtual review with the Asthma Nurse.

Ventolin Use

If yes, please see below and also follow this link regarding Ventolin use: https://www.asthma.org.uk/globalassets/campaigns/nrad-summary.pdf

Symptom Diary

If you are using your Ventolin more than three times a week; we would suggest starting a Symptom Diary.
Start to document when you feel your symptoms and when you need to take your Ventolin.
Remember; Ventolin is a reliever medication, you should not take it 'just in case'.

Asthma Attacks

Please use this link to educate yourself about what you should do when you experience an Asthma Attack:


What should you do?

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Patient Guide: What to expect at your Asthma Virtual Review

(Clinic Info before Pandemic):

All patients with Asthma will have an annual check in our clinic which is Nurse Led. The Asthma clinic runs at our main site, Eryl Surgery on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. There are opportunities to be seen in our branch surgeries and can be arranged as required. At the clinic you will have a thorough assessment. 

Our Nurses are: 

Mrs Juliette Bennett Practice Sister RN

Mrs Bridie Jones Practice Sister RN

Click here for our asthma control test

You will be asked to complete the Control Test on your arrival to the clinic. Feel free to download and print out in readiness for your upcoming appointment. 

Everybody that suffers with Asthma is different and it can be quite daunting, please have a look at some of the links below that may help you with managing and/or improving your symptoms. The aim is to help you ‘live well’ with Asthma.

If you are using Ventolin more than 3 times a week, you are waking at night, or your day-time symptoms are increasing, you need to make an appointment for an Asthma Review.

Use this guide to stay symptom-free

Use this link to download your own Asthma plan

Use this link to download your child’s Asthma plan

What to do in an Asthma Attack: Adult ; Child

Please use this link to ensure you have adequate inhaler technique

Use this link if you are worried about having another asthma attack: Get help with a 12-week Asthma Support Programme

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